Beat the Monday Blues – Unlikely BFF – Dog and Guinea Pig

Is it possible for a large dog to befriend a small animal like a guinea pig? Here is the perfect example of how the differences can be overlooked and a long-lasting friendship is forged!

Before introducing a new animal to your resident pet, do ensure that he is ready to accept a new buddy as some will prefer to be the only pet in the household.

Beat the Monday Blues – Terrified dog finds love again

An abandoned golden retriever was found hiding under the car and petrified when she saw humans approaching. However, she overcame her fear and now she has found a wonderful home!

Animals deserve a second chance to be loved. If you are interested to keep a pet, consider adopting the animals in the shelters!

Beat the Monday Blues – Parrot steals food from owner

Are there times when you want to eat your food but your pet gives you a doe-eye, hoping that you will give him a bite? This mischievous parrot decides to join his owner for breakfast and instead of asking for permission, he helps himself to the food!

If you are sharing your food with your pets, check that it does not contain ingredients that are unhealthy for them.

Pet Adoption Friday: Rudolph and Blitzen from Purely Adoptions

Rudolph and Blitzen

Name: Rudolph and Blitzen
Sex: Male and female
Age: 4 months old
Breed: Local Cross Breed

If you are interested to know more about them, please contact Purely Adoptions at 9001 8848.

Beat the Monday Blues – Simon's Cat

Ever wonder why some cats HATE water but they are always fascinated with running tap water? All these boil down to both behavioural and biological factors.

Here in this video, it explains how the materials and shapes of the bowl can affect how often they drink their water. It also shares tips on the types of bowl to buy for cats with sensitive whiskers.

Pet Adoption Friday: Yoshi and Angelica from House Rabbit Society (Singapore)


Name: Yoshi
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Mixed breed
Personality: Yoshi is a sweet, gentle and inquisitive boy. He warms up to humans very fast and would put his paws on your lap to ask for head rubs and treats! He also has very good litter habits and loves eating his hay, vegetables and pellets.


Name: Angelica
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 years old
Breed: Local lionhead mix
Personality: Angelica is a confident girl who is friendly to people. She is litter-trained and will ideally be the single rabbit at home.

If you are keen to adopt Yoshi or Angelica, please email Betty from HRSS.