June Holidays: Pet events for animal lovers! -updated 11 June 2012!

The June Holidays are here! The Great Singapore Sale is here!

This really calls for celebration doesn't it? (:

To add on to the excitement, we've got a special write-up for all animal lovers who aren't going away overseas but are staying on this sunny island instead!

We've come up with a list of pet-related events* which will be taking place in June for all our animal lovers out there! So, make sure you head down to all these events to have a fun day out with your pet or maybe to bring home a new best friend!

3rd JUNE 2012:

Animal Lovers League will be conducting an Adoption Drive at Torte Cafe!

Head down to take a look at some of the adorable dogs that will be there up for adoption:

  1. Will, Male, 6 months, Local Breed
  2. Milkshake, Female, 5 years, Local Breed
  3. Tuffy, Male, 1year, Local Breed
  4. Swan, Female, 4 years, Local Breed
  5. Blessing, Female, 5years, Shih Tzu

If you are willing to give a forever home to one of these lovely dogs, remember to mark your calendars and head down to Torte Cafe!

Cat Welfare Society and The Pet Safari stores hold Cat Adoption drives every 1st Sunday of the month.

This month, the Cat Adoption drive will be taking place at The Pet Safari @ Vivocity from 3 - 8pm.

For all Cat lovers looking for a new cat companion, this is your chance to adopt one!

The Cats are busy this 3rd of June! Apart from the adoption drive at Vivo, there will be a Natura Asia-Pac Cat Show, 10am @ Chong Pang CC.

Entry is free for all so don't miss your chance to catch beautiful and elegant cats that will be at the show!

There will pet care tips by cat experts as well so even if you're not entering your cat in the show, you can still head down to see how you can improve the life of your cat!

9th & 10th JUNE 2012

The Animals & Our Community; Responsible Pet Ownership Road show will be taking place @ Jurong point!

(Refer to our sticky post right at the top of the blog entries for more details)

We guarantee a day of fun and excitement in hope of making Singapore a better place for our pets! All the Animal Welfare Groups will be down as well and there will be an on-going adoption drive! Don't forget to catch our local celebrities who will be coming down as well (;

Are you a lover of small animals? Or just an animal lover? Head down to Serangoon CC for the small animals carnival!

On the 24th of June, there will be a rabbit competition by Rabbit Association of Singapore at Marine Parade CC as well as a hamster race! Special guests will be invited as well to talk about these small creatures so if you are interested in having some friendly competition or want to pick up tips on your pet, remember to mark this date in your calendars!

Click on the posters for more details!

What are you waiting for? Go on, mark your calendars! Tell your friends and family! With all these pet-events specially organized for the June Holidays, it's bound to be an awesome month for you and the animals!

Happy Holidays! (:

*We will be updating the site if we hear of anymore pet events, so remember to check back! Do feel free to comment and tell others about any pet events taking place in June as well!

Book Review: Smudge Bunny by Bernie Siegel.

For ages: 5 to 9


A delightful and heart-warming story about two bunnies that go on a little adventure, Smudge and her sister Snowflake are torn away from their mother to be sold in a pet shop. They are placed in terrible living conditions and their plight starts to take a turn for the worse! They are bought as gifts for a couple's granddaughter only to be abandoned later on. As though things could not get any better, Smudge and Snowflake get separated! Would Smudge and Snowflake ever find each other? Will they land up in the hands of irresponsible owners again? Read the book to find out!

Rating: 4 paws up.

If you are looking for a book with entertainment and educational value, this is the right book for you! It is a pleasant mix of both without becoming too dreary or far-fetched. The beautiful graphics will draw you further into the story but be warned; heart strings will be pulled at some point or another in the book! Overall, it is a captivating story with twists and turns that left me wanting to find out what would become of the two bunnies. It even has a 'how to take care of your pet rabbit' list for potential owners! To sum it up, this book was able to capture the essence of responsible pet ownership in a most interesting manner.

Head down to your nearest library to borrow this book now! Click here to see if the book is on loan.

Beat the Monday Blues: Cat adopts Rabbit

Unique animal friendships are such a delight!

In this video, a cat treats an abandoned rabbit like one of her own. Doesn't this put a smile on your face? (:

Animals & Our Community @ Jurong Point! (updated 7 June)

There's an event coming up on the 9th and 10th of June and its going to be HUGE!

A whole lot of fun activities, special guests and surprises await you at the "Animals & Our Community" Event held at Jurong Point! We will be giving sneak peeks of the on-goings during the event in the days to come so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Mark your calendars and spread the word! We hope to see you there (:

Update: Many of you have asked so we thought it's best to put a note here about bringing your pets. Pets are welcomed at the outdoor area outside JP2 (near Old Chang Kee)! If you are bringing your pet to the outdoor area, please park at the B1 carpark at JP2 and exit to the outdoor lawn. Please do not bring your pet around in the mall.

Download the programme in PDF format!

Please help us spread the word by using this image as an email footer or banner on your website or blog! You can link it to this post. Thanks so much for your support!

Pet Adoption Friday: Koala from Cat Welfare Society.

Hey everyone! We're featuring Koala from Cat Welfare Society (CWS) today! Isn't he beautiful?

Name: Koala

Age: 4 Months

Breed: Siamese Mix

History: This sweet siamese mix was rescued from a heavy traffic area where he and his siblings were having troubling finding enough food to eat. After some time at the foster, Kola is now ready to go to his new home.

Character: Koala got his name as he's as cute as the aussie tree hugger. Koala is a quiet boy that takes some time to warm up to you. He is also more suitable for a one pet household.

Features: Koala is white with light beige brown markings and blue eyes!

Vaccinated: Yes

Dewormed: Yes

Deflea'd: Yes

Litter box trained: Yes

Sterilized: No. Adopter must sterilize him upon 6months of age.

Enquiry - Please text or call the fosterer (Vikipet) @ 91763551. Click here for more details on how adopt Koala.

To visit CWS' page and look at other cats up for adoption visit their website.

This information is also available on our A Pet is For Life Facebook Group. Join us!

June Holidays: What to do with your pet when you go overseas.

"Let the June Holidays begin!"

Aren't we all dying to get some fun in the sun, shop till we drop and just paint the town red?

While we are enjoying our holidays, many of us will definitely have pets who aren't as excited about the holidays as we are. They'll probably be upset that we're going overseas and that their favourite people aren't around to play with them.

We don't mean to guilt trip all you pet owners out there so we've decided to give some tips on what to do with your pet while you go on holiday!

Before you leave this little island, here are a few things you can do to prepare your pet in your absence:

1. Board your dog at a kennel

With the rise in 'pet hotels' all around Singapore, most of us probably wouldn't have a problem finding one. But the real question is which one is the most suitable for my pet?

Pay the kennel a visit and keep a look out for things like cleanliness, safety and the assurance that the staff will meet your pet's emotional, physical and medical needs. Talk to the staff and ask questions about their services.

Checklist for what you should look for when sending your pet for boarding:

To make your pet feel as comfortable as possible, bring along its food, some toys and if you have a cat, it's regular litter. Bringing a t-shirt or towel with your scent on it would help your pet to feel more at ease.

Here's a list of pet boarding and day care services*:

Ericsson Pet Farm
Mitchville k-9 kennels
Mutts & Mittens
Pet Movers Singapore Pte Ltd
The Pet Hotel
School of Pet Grooming
Ginny and Friends

List of boarding kennels from the Agri-Business Directory

2. Find someone reliable to come over to your house to take care of your pet.

Make arrangements with someone you trust to come over to your house daily to ensure that your pet's needs are met (ie exercises, food, sanitation etc). Ensure that the person you hire is reliable and will come on schedule or your pet could be left alone for many hours a day. This might not sit well with your pet especially if it's a dog. Have the pet sitter come over before you go on holiday to familiarize your dog with the pet sitter and vice versa.

While many of us might think that inviting someone to stay over at your house for the period of your holiday would be a good idea, your dog might not agree. Dogs are pattern animals and will expect your return. If there is a stranger living in your house during the period you are gone, your dog may start to display stress-related behaviour.

3. Leave your pet in the home of a hired pet sitter.

This would be similar to leaving your dog at a boarding kennel so make sure you do similar research before leaving it in someone else's house.

Whether it be a paid pet-sitter or a relative's house you are leaving your pet at, it is good to familiarize your pet with the humans first while you are still in town. Also make sure to notify the pet sitter of your pet's quirks so that they know how to deal with unexpected behaviours.

We hope that while you are enjoying your holiday, your pet would too! Enjoy your June Holidays! (:

Read on for more tips on what to do with your pet when you go on holiday:

Vacation pet care
How to leave your dog while you go on vacation
What to do with your dog when going on vacation

*AVA is not endorsing the list of boarding services but has placed them in the article for your personal viewing. The list has been obtained from the Agri-Business Directory (link) Owners are strongly encouraged to visit these places/people on their own to find out about their services first.

Beat the Monday Blues: Simon's Cat

The weekend has ended and Monday is back. Do i hear a resounding "sigh"?

Here's something to chase those Monday blues away! Watch this funny and cute clip of Simon's Cat to put a smile on that weary face!

For those we can't view the video, click here to watch it on youtube.

We may all have to go back to studying and working but don't forget about your furry friend at home! Also, we would like to wish all of you an awesome week ahead! (:

Pet Adoption Friday: King & Charles from Animal Lovers League

Name: King
Gender: Male
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Size: Small (HDB approved)
Health: Good
Age: 8 yrs 11 mths
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilized: Yes
Paper Trained: No
Basic Commands: Partial
Good with Children: Yes
Good with Pets: Yes
History: King was abandoned with his buddy Charles.

Personality: King is a nice little boy and is easy to manage. However, he needs someone to be around with him or another animals. He cannot be alone as he gets really anxious. We hope that they are lucky enough and someone will look beyond their ages and offer them homes!

Name: Charles
Gender: Male
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Size: Small (HDB approved)
Health: Good
Age: 8 yrs 11 mths
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilized: Yes
Paper Trained: No
Basic Commands: Partial
Good with Children: Yes
Good with Pets: Yes
History - Charles was abandoned with his buddy King

Personality - Charles is excellent with people and kids. He also gets along with cats and dogs. He loves to go on walks too.

Special Needs - Charles needs eye drops daily for his cataract problem He also has a slight heart murmur and will need a safe quiet home to retire in.

Enquiry - Please contact Christine @ 97937162 or Marcus @ 96973491 or send us an email at general@animalloversleague.com should you be keen to adopt King and/or Charles.

To visit ALL's website, please visit http://www.animalloversleague.com/.

This information is also available on our A Pet is for Life Facebook Group. Join us now!

SOSD's Dog Adoption Drive at Torte Cafe

SOSD Adoption Drive

Venue: Torte Cafe
Address: 96, Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967
Date and Time: May 20th 2012, 11am to 3pm
Activities: 30-minute dog handling demo sessions conducted by Happy Paws. Doggie merchandise for sale to help raise funds for our street dogs.
Participants: Team SOSD, Happy Paws, The Barkery Singapore, Sharon, and Sue Ann.

Guess what? Save Our Street Dogs is holding an adoption drive this Sunday! And yes, this would be a perfect opportunity for you to meet SOSD's adorable dogs and pups from all walks of Singapore! You may also adopt one or two if you have what it takes to care for these sweet and affectionate canines.

Most of them have been through unimaginable hardships, and all they need from you now is a loving home and a compassionate heart. If you've always wanted a dog for life, here is your chance!

Expect lots of fun and activities during the event too, for SOSD has lined up quite a treat for you throughout the afternoon! Clueless on how to handle a mutt? Fret not, there will be 30-minute dog handling sessions conducted by our friends from Happy Paws.

And on top of the free dog training, SOSD is also setting up a merchandise booth with all sorts of doggie knick-knacks for sale. The Barkery will donate 500 grams of treats for every SOSD dog adopted! Isn't that wonderful? So, please remember to mark your calendars, and do bring your doggie-loving friends and family along! Woof!

For more information, please visit SOSD's website http://www.saveourstreetdogs.com/.

Join SPCA's Fun Run!

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that the registration for SPCA Fun Run 2012 is now open1!

Your donation of $38 will help us continue our animal welfare programmes.

Spend a Saturday morning with your loved ones for a good cause, and please help us spread the word!

Register your participation at - http://www.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/registration/spca2012/prereg.cgi

Retrieve your confirmation slip (after registration) at - http://www.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/registration/spca2012/showconfirmation.cgi

For more details, please email Edith at fundraising@spca.org.sg

Thank you very much for your support.

Beat the Monday Blues: Happy Mother's Day!

Watch this video of a little kitten who is having a nightmare being hugged and consoled by his mommy:

Click here if you can't view the video to watch it on youtube.

We hope you had a great time celebrating Mother's Day yesterday! Since many of us are still in the festive mood, let's continue the celebration with this very sweet video of a mother cat hugging her dreaming kitten.

If you forgot to wish your mother yesterday, fret not. Why not take the opportunity to show her this video and let her know how much she means to you? (:

We're now on Facebook too! Click here to join us!

Pet Adoption Friday - Ivory & Ebony

"Pet Adoption Friday" is a new series which features different animals, from different Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) every Friday. Through this, we hope to encourage the adoption of animals!

Today, we are featuring Ivory and Ebony from Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) No prizes for guessing who's who!

These two lovely sisters were found in Lim Chu Kang and are only 2 1/2 months old!

Here's a summary of the both of them:

Gender: Female

Breed: Local Cross

Size (Full Grown): Medium (Not suitable for HDB flats unfortunately)


Ivory: Playful and affectionate girl who loves food!

Ebony: A happy and friendly puppy with a sweet disposition.


Good with children: Yes

Good with other dog: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Toilet trained: Outdoors only

Understands basic commands: In progress

Health: Good

Vaccinated: Yes

Sterilized: Not yet

Special Needs: None

Aren't they just the sweetest pair? (:

If you would like more info on them or want to see other lovely dogs who are waiting to be given a new home, you may visit ASD's dog adoption page.

Friends Of The Animals: Doggone Trial

Hi all, it's time for our fortnightly blog series, "Friends of the Animals", a collection of blogposts relating animal lovers' experiences with their pets or their passion for animals. AVA staff, together with animal lovers from the animal welfare groups, are contributing to this blog.

In our latest post, our colleague, Christine Cai from the Communication & Corporate Relations Department, shares how she, unable to have a pet of her own, learnt about the challenges of pet ownership by caring for her friend's dog.

I love animals and had always wanted a pet. But as fate would have it, my family has a history of asthma and sensitive skin, and my parents did not feel much affection for animals (bad experiences). It was as if things weren't meant to be. ):

Until I met Kimba.

Kimba is a two-and-half-year-old Samoyed with the happiest smile and sparkly eyes. He is a bundle of fluff and everything I imagined a dog should be when I was a child (blame Lassie).

Kimby (his preferred name) belongs to a friend but he is as good as mine. When Kimby's owner learned that I had been deprived of a pet for years and wanted a dog badly, she put me through "training". She must have been sceptical of my ability to care for a pet. Won over by Kimby's sweet personality, I gamely embarked on the 'trial' and Kimby became my training partner of sorts.

He showed me quickly that I knew nuts about handling dogs.

It's not like in the movies where all there needs to be done is feed the dog scraps under the table and play fetch once in a while. With a Kimby-sized dog, there was so much more to do. For example, it takes 3 hours to bathe and dry him, and that does not even include the regular grooming, which can take over an hour (with much sneezing and sometimes rashes due to my sensitive skin). But Kimby is real good and puts up with us. (:

Kimby is an active dog, loves company and car rides. As such, he needs to be walked/played with regularly. In the beginning, he walked me. Like a sled! It was quite a funny sight if you were NOT me. Imagine being dragged all around by a bulldozer without an 'off' button. From spending countless evenings with him and his friends, I learned that it was far from easy to own a dog. Having one was like raising a child and Kimby a needy child with attention deficit issues. So I needed to be firm but how do you say 'no' to that sweet face?

I eventually learned to. (: Thankfully, Kimby was always obliging and sweet, albeit challenging.

Equipping myself was just the beginning. If I wanted to end my pet-drought, I had to convince my parents that I was a responsible adult who was knowledgeable about pet care. I learned the hard way that getting your family's buy in was essential to owning a pet but how do you get people accustomed to animals that they were wary of?

Practical experiences were necessary. So one day, I "borrowed" Kimby home.

As you can imagine, my mother was suitably horrified! And confused. She is obsessive about cleanliness and had been under the impression that dogs were filthy, drooled everywhere and could not control their defecation. Kimby proved her wrong. He was sweet and good natured, and didn't mind being leashed to the balcony until my mom believed that he wasn't going to bite her. So for a reward, he got apples and ice cubes while my mother watched for table manners. (:

I still don't have a dog but I think, for now, it's enough. I get my doggie fix weekly with Kimby and his friend (Ashby, the Corgi) and boy, they are a handful. They sometimes fight and as of now, I still haven't learned how to stop a fight.

There's still plenty to learn and it would not be fair to my future dog with Kimby taking up so much of my affection (I visit his home daily when his family is away on vacations and accompany him when he's sick). Perhaps one day, when I have more time and space, I'll be able to give a dog, a good forever home.

Vesak Day - Do not release your pets into the wild.

Vesak day. Abandoned pets

Many of us must be eagerly looking forward to the Vesak Day public holiday and being released from stuffy offices and tedious homework!

On this day, some may think pets should also have a chance to be released to run in green fields, swim in big ponds or soar the skies free as a bird. But we beg to differ!

Pets are conditioned and used to humans feeding them and cleaning them and their living areas. Some pets have come to grow extremely attached to their owners. To 'set them free' might seem like a good deed but it will be a terrible disservice to them.

Take for example this terrapin which was abandoned by its owner and eventually drowned:

This is the sad fate of most pets who are released into the wild whether it was based on the owner's good intention or not. Abandoning your animals in the wild will only lead to their death as they are unable to fend for themselves. Since we've made a commitment to our pets by bringing them into our homes, let's make this commitment last!

Here are 2 reasons why releasing of pets and other animals is discouraged:

1. Pets have few survival skills

Pet animals are domesticated and have not been taught from young to hunt nor fend for themselves. If they were to be set free, most would starve to death. Some will get hit by cars if they unknowingly wander onto the many highways and roads that encircle Singapore.

Pet cats and dogs can live for an estimated 20 years. However, as strays, their lifespan is estimated to be only 2-3 years.

2. Some pets would disrupt the ecosystem if they manage to thrive.

Animals that were not originally found in the wild can disrupt our local ecosystem. For example, red-eared sliders (terrapins) can easily drown or get driven over by a car. However, if they manage to survive, they complete for living spaces and food with Singapore's own native turtles. In addition, terrapins may destroy our local vegetation.

In addition, released animals that are sick and carry diseases may also pass these on to local wildlife.

The abandonment of pets is against the law. Under the Animals and Birds Act, anyone found guilty of pet abandonment can be fined a maximum of $10,000, imprisoned up to 12-months in jail or both!

In a recent news article, Buddhist Fellowship president Angie Chew Monksfield stated that: "It would be more beneficial to reduce our meat intake all year round than simply releasing animals during Vesak as this could encourage vendors to increase the supply of animals for this very purpose."

Let's hope that this Vesak Day would see more people showing kindness to animals hopefully in another way that's different from releasing them.

Let's spend time and effort to maintain and love our pets instead getting them only to leave them to fend for themselves!

What would YOU do to show kindness to animals this Vesak Day?