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The Pawfect Match @ Pet Expo 2016

The Pawfect Match @ Pet Expo 2016

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"A great friendship starts with a paw shake - reach out!"

The highly successful speed-dating for dogs by the Agri-Food & Veterinary (AVA) and its animal welfare partners is back for the second year at Pet Expo! Whether you're looking for a canine friend to bring home or just need some puppy love for the day, come and visit us!

Each speed-dating with dogs is 10 minutes and you get to walk away with an instant photo print with your dates (approximately three dogs in a park), a gift bag and probably lots of sloppy kisses!

Please refer to the timetable to have a privy of the speed-dating slots:

1 12:10PM 12:10PM 12:10PM
2 12:30PM 12:30PM 12:30PM
3 12:50PM 12:50PM 12:50PM
4 1:10PM 1:10PM 1:10PM
5 1:30PM 1:30PM 1:30PM
6 1:50PM 1:50PM 1:50PM
7 2:10PM 2:10PM 2:10PM
8 2:30PM 2:30PM 2:30PM
9 2:50PM 2:50PM 2:50PM
10 4:10PM 4:10PM 4:10PM
11 4:30PM 4:30PM 4:30PM
12 4:50PM 4:50PM 4:50PM
13 5:10PM 5:10PM 5:10PM
14 5:30PM 5:30PM 5:30PM
15 5:50PM 5:50PM 5:50PM
16 6:10PM 6:10PM 6:10PM
17 6:30PM 6:30PM 6:30PM
18 6:50PM 6:50PM 6:50PM

Other animals (cats, rabbits and small animals e.g. hamsters) will be up for adoption at AVA's The Pawfect Match booth as well!

The Pawfect Match is brought to you by the AVA with the support of the following animal welfare partners:

  1. Action for Singapore Dogs
  2. Animal Lovers League
  3. Cat Welfare Society
  4. Causes for Animals Singapore
  5. Exclusively Mongrels
  6. House Rabbit Society Singapore
  7. Mercylight
  8. Noah's Ark CARES
  9. SOSD Singapore
  10. SPCA Singapore
  11. Voices For Animals

Pet Adoption Friday - Asheer and Skylar from Cat Welfare Society


Name: Asheer
Age: 2 months
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Personality: Asheer is a playful and loving little boy.

If interested, please contact fosterer directly at 90051059. Adoption follows CWS' terms.


Name: Skylar
Age: 7 years
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Personality: Skylar is a sterilised tabby. She is mature and independent but seeks and enjoys human attention. She is FIV and FeLV negative and is litter trained.

To adopt Skylar, email for more information. Adoption follows CWS' terms.

Beat The Monday Blues: Jasmine of my eyes - Floppy

Jasmine has always wanted a big dog but she didn't know which one. Thanks to AVA's The Pawfect Match @ Pet Expo 2015, she and her family met Floppy! It's definitely mutual love and Floppy has so much affection for Jasmine's mommy! Remember, always consider adoption first!

Pet Adoption Friday: Furbie and Prince from Animal Lovers League


Name: Furbie
Age: 1+ years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Local Cross Breed
Furbie is a very active little one! She's been with us since she was a little bitty puppy - she greets us with the biggest smile every day.
Adoption contact details: Catheryn (9753 3320)


Name: Prince
Age: 1+ years old
Sex: Male
Breed: Local Cross Breed
Our Prince Charming is a lovely boy. He gets along with other dogs, and even loves cats! His fur makes him look exceptionally majestic :)
Adoption contact details: Catheryn (9753 3320)

Beat The Monday Blues: Ice, Ice Baby (Kimmy)

When you have a beautiful lady who happens to also have a very big heart, what happens? You fall head over heels, of course! Ms Ice Chan has been bringing animals home from a young age and it seems like nothing is stopping her even with her pair of active twins! No wonder Kimmy is so smitten with Ice. It's too tough to resist.

Pet Adoption Friday: Tanya and Toby from Action for Singapore Dogs


Name: Tanya
Age: 4 months
Sex: Female
Breed: Local Cross
HDB-Approved: No
Personality: Tanya is shy, sweet and gentle. She loves to cuddle when she is relaxed and comfortable. She is also a very fast learner.

To indicate your interest in adopting Tanya, please click here.


Name: Toby
Age: 4 months
Sex: Male
Breed: Local Cross
HDB-Approved: No
Personality: Shy Toby is very good with children. He is a calm, happy and cuddly pup who can be vocal when he's hungry! He loves his food but is not aggressive when you try to take away his bowl. He is also good with other dogs.

To indicate your interest in adopting Toby, please click here.